I’ve always had a strong conviction that we have to trust.. I’m not naieve and I know what the worst people are capable of, but I also know what the best people are capable of. What a boring and depressing life it must be to live in your own bubble afraid to let anyone in or afraid to venture anywhere else. One of the most prevlant themes my family pushed to me while I was in Palestine and often went out on my own was that I had to be careful. “Don’t talk to anyone about politics, and under any circumstances do not agree to go out with anyone”. I’m not afraid to say I dismissed these rules fairly quickly. When I did go out with people I had met for no more than 5 minutes just the day before, I would make up an excuse so to not worry anyone.

I won’t lie, I found myself in terrible situations at times; but at the other times, I met some amazing people. People unlike any other I’d ever met, people who most wouldn’t come accross in a couple life times. I wouldn’t trade that away for anything.


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