N. 81

Hey you, flying over there
Answer me? How did you get your wings?
Did you do anything to earn them? To fly so freely?
I’ve forgotten how to dream and so my life is a prison that I can’t escape
The bread is stale and the air thick
When I turn the pages, I’ll often find chapters missing
When I stand up I quickly fall
And midway I pray that it’s her lap that I’ll fall into
But it never is, it’s the cold hard ground of the earth
So I’m asking you, fly back here, please, and tell me what you did to earn your wings
Do you deserve them?
Don’t answer me please, I can see it in you 
I want you to enjoy them as I once did
When I could fall carelessly
I have no more teeth to break
Enjoy them as I once did when I could dream


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