Dear Unborn Child

A letter that I wrote to my unborn child a couple years ago that I want to share here.

Dear unborn child,

Life moves fast. You need toremember that, life always moves fast. If you trip and fall, and hurt yourself it will not give you enough time to get back up on your feet. There will be others who are faster and stronger; some will continue moving forward glancing at you without the faintest sentiments of sympathy, yet some will stop to pick you up and help you. There will also always be others who are slower and weaker; they will be bruised and hurt, never ever leave them behind, even if they slow you down. The strong will call you naïve and foolish, and the weak will sometimes take advantage of you, but don’t ever let that scar and change you. It is through helping others that you will find strength you never knew you had. If you ever feel that you are the last one left behind, abandoned alone, with no one to help you and no one tohelp, remember God, and God will always remember you, and that will forever be enough.

The best of your friends will be the ones who help you forget your irrelevant place, the insignificance of your problems, and make time stop. Yes, life always moves fast, it doesn’t stop, but you’ll notice that the best of your friends will always find a way, even if it’s just for a minute to make time stop. In that time, you can catch your breath, and truly enjoy the beauty of where you are because there is always so much beauty around you. And when you have transcended time and space, never forget to thank God for where you are and the people in your life.

Take your time and don’t be afraid to move slowly because this world is dark and your innocence will last. As long as I am alive, I will always help you. Your mother will always be the most important person in your life, for paradise lies under her feet – never upset her. Always apologize for the slightest sigh towards her. Hug her everyday and mean it because one day she will be gone and those hugs will have tolast you. When you look at her, smile, and when she smiles back and time stops, take it to truly understand that for every day of your life she has prayed for your health, safety, and success. Take her wisdom to heart because there is nothing like it. Always thank God for your mother because there will never be anyone in the world like her.

Give everything you have to this world and take nothing because it’s not worth it. Find what you love todo and do that; and if you never find your passion don’t worry, because you don’t always have toknow what you want to do, you just have to know what you don’t wantto do, so try everything. It is through trying everything that you will find your calling. And when you do find your calling, do it in a way that will help others. Always remember that work is nothing and your family is everything.

Always immediately apologize when you hurt others, make things right, it will never be too soon, but one day it will be too late. When someone wrongs you, forgive, because the insignificance of this life does not justify an ounce of anger and hatred in your heart. Be generous and forgiving, and it will shine through you; it’s contagious and you will change the world.